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What is Online Reputation Management ?

There are numerous misconceptions about ORM (online reputation management). Some people consider it as social media monitoring, while others think that it is connected to public relations. Still, there are others who have absolutely no idea how it can impact sales and business. So, what exactly is it? Let’s check it out:

Online reputation management (ORM) refers to an ongoing task done by companys, digital marketing agencies and SEO freelancers that aims to cultivate, create and maintain a business’s good standing and brand name online. Similar to traditional reputation management, it is all about perception. In the online world, you have to build a digital public image, one review at a time. The purpose is to ensure that anyone searching for your brand will come across 5-star reviews and positive customer feedback that paint your business and offerings in the best light.

How does Online Reputation Management work?

Online reputation management is different from traditional reputation management as it doesn’t involve burying the headlines or courting the press. Then, what does it entail? Online reputation management (ORM) involves deploying strategies for generating, improving and responding to the online reviews that are left by customers regarding your business and its offerings. In order to undertake ORM, you need to focus on popular review websites, and ensure the positive feedback are shown there.

There are a few steps that can be taken for online reputation management, which are:

  • Soliciting reviews from customers by deploying online reputation management software and then distributing them to popular review sites online.
  • Staying proactive and asking customers to post online reviews about your business. Statistics show that a local business review will be posted by 68% of the customers when asked to do so.
  • Incorporating review schema markup to the business’s website.
  • Promoting all positive customer feedback through paid or multiple owned channels like social media platforms, creating banners, posting on websites and including in e-newsletters as well as paid ads, amongst others.
  • Giving a response to both positive and negative customer reviews for either thanking the customer for giving the feedback or for addressing concerns highlighted in the review.

Difference between Online Reputation Management and SEO?

Search engine optimization primarily deals with getting websites ranked higher for search terms related to their product or service. Online reputation management uses SEO and a number of other techniques for improving the overall image of a business in the search results page when searching for the brands name. Both SEO and ORM are subsets of online marketing, but Online reputation management focuses more on improving how a brand appears online. It improves the ratings and rankings of the brand’s website, online assets, positive reviews, social media pages, online mentions and press.

To do that the variety of techniques which are employed by companies doing SEO are also deployed while doing ORM, with the necessary adjustments, of course.for example, the keyword research will be done similarly to regular SEO while focusing more on terms related to the brands name. another example is managing a content plan, in ORM the focus will be more on brand reviews and less on general topics related to the brand’s field.

Using all the SEO techniques along with other disciplines like web development, web analytics and online public relations can assure the brands name will be clean of negative reviews.

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Why Should a Business Opt for Online Reputation Management?

Every business owners should be aware of the importance of having a good reputation for ensuring business growth. This also applies to your digital reputation and it is extremely vital nowadays because these days’ people go online when they require information or have a problem regarding a specific product or service. If you have a negative reputation online, none of the people who are looking for information will come to you. Thus, at the end of the day, having a bad reputation will negatively impact your business objectives.

There are a number of situations where online reputation management can make a big difference for both new and existing businesses, along with their digital marketing and social media campaigns. Some of the top reasons a business should focus on online reputation management services are:

Increasing sales

Nowadays, consumers don’t make final purchase decisions without researching brands, products and services online.If a potential customer is searching for your brand or services and find a negative review on your brand alongside with some of your competitors who appear in the search results page you will most likely lose this customer. the opposite will happen if the review will be positive and convince consumers to do business with you. Businesses usually start worrying about their online reputation when sales start to drop. Regaining momentum can be a lot more difficult once you have lost it. But, if you are proactive, you can increase your sales with ORM.

Build credibility and trust

One of the essential elements of success is having the trust of your target audience. Word of mouth can play an important role in this regard. Negative content spreads like wildfire on the internet and you will have to deal with a loss of confidence in public if you don’t maintain your online reputation. With online reputation management, you can build your credibility and trust by responding to customer feedback, or if needed, hide it under a pile of positive reviews that will take up all the space in the search results page. that way this negative feedback will be out of sight.

Recruitment reasons

Online reputation management is also important for a business due to recruitment reasons. It has become the norm for potential employees to do a thorough research about a company online before they decide to join it or accepting a position. If you want to attract the top talent to your business, ORM is of the utmost importance because a bad reputation will prompt people to look elsewhere for jobs.

Highlight your positives

Potential and current investors, banks, corporations and the general public will first research your business online before they conduct any dealings with it. These people don’t know your company and will make assumptions about it based on the information available online. With online reputation management, you can ensure that they receive the right signals and are not misled by any negative content. A positive reputation will make it easier for a business to expand and grow in the right manner.

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